// blank \\ mixtape #02

Hi everyone! 

This is the new // blank \\ mixtape. As usual, it’s lunatic as my mood. Hope your ears will take so much pleasure as mine.

blank.mixtape02 by Blankblog


1. Moon food - Crash Normal (Your Body Got A Land LP on Kill Shaman Records, 2012)

2. Snoozefest - Coasting (You’re Never Going Back debut album on M’lady’s Records, 2011)

3. When Women Played Drums - White Birds (When Women Played Drums cassette on Grizzly Records, Feb 2012 - soldout-)

4. Run Slow -Cough Cool (Basement EP on Bathetic Records)

5. Shaman - Nice Face (Horizon Fires LP on Hozac Records, 2012)

6. No MoreMushy (Faded Heart LP on Mannequin Label, 2012)

7. System Of Control - Mia Voltag

8. AnxietyNightmare Fortress (Until The Air Runs first EP on Sweating Tapes

9. Lonesome XOXO - Led Er Est (May EP on Captured Tracks, 2011)

10. Crimson Bolt - La Garçonne  (Unsigned, 2012)

11. Lady - Chromatics (Kill For Love on Italians do It Better)

12. Oblivion - Grimes (Visions on Arbutus Records)

13. I Wanna Be Your Lover - Keel Her & Stevie Moore (Wedding Album #2 , 2012)

14. Diamond Look - TOPS (Tender Opposites EP on Arbutus Records-Atelier Ciseaux, Feb 2012)

15. The Lights - The Stalactite Singers Family Band (Mike Collins aka Run DMT - tape on Culture Dealer