// blank \\ mixtape #05

Hi everyone! 


| Artwork by // blank \\ |

This is my new mixtape! 


1. Echéance - Police des Moeurs (Les Mécanismes de la culpabilité, EP 12”, out May 30th on Atelier Ciseaux)

2. Black Sun (Dead Can Dance remix) - Whip Angels (Unsigned, single out May.2013)

3. J’aime- Petit Personnel (from the Tartare de subconscient infini compilation tape, April 2011 on Crudités Tapes)

4. Mort Pour la Transe - Harshlove (Unsigned, May.2013)

5. Poison - Jessica 93 (Who Cares, LP, out June 2013 on Teenage Menopause)

6. Notringo Indigo Èlg (La Chimie LP, out May.2013 on SDZ Records)

7. Stay Cold - EXCUSEEXCUSE (Single Apr.2013, Animal Grr)

8. Shadows - The KVB (Immaterial Visions 12” and digital on Cititrax)

9. Earth - Bestial Mouths (LP, out June 25th 2013 on Clan Destine Records)

10. puur - Distel (puur LP out end of June 2013 on Enfant Terrible)

11. Bloodlines (ft.Hiro) - SOFIA-RETA (Unsigned - May.2013)

12. The Seat of Same - Jeanne Vomit-Terror & Ed Sunspot (The Seat Of Same 12” out Feb.14th 2013 on Acoustic Division)

13. Pink Haloween - Roladex ( out May.17th 2013 on Amdiscs)

14. Holograms - Butterclock (First Prom EP, April 2013 on Fantasy Music)

15. mpb - How I Quit Crack (Unsigned, single out May.2013)

// blank \\ mixtape #04

Hi everyone! 

| Artwork by // blank \\  |

This is the new mixtape: a compilation of what I listen to these last months. Still cold, still dark, a piece of electro and punchy riff.

As people knows me, I try my best to promote independant stuffs, DIY bands/records, due to my ethic, my aesthetic, my heart. I work for that. I know how much is hard for some bands, some independant records to take their place in the all world of music industry… A lot of media, social networks, how to show to the world my music, my work, my art… how can I live just on my art… Obviously, I don’t have the answer (or I could say, not ONE answer or not enough pretentious to claim to have a solution, of course if you make some shit music, I won’t be sorry for you, you’ll never be a superstar, stop trying and go to work with my lovely banker who still doesn’t understand what kind of work I do) … but these // blank \ mixtapes are a piece of my “work”: promoting artists who deserve to be known by everyone! …

Enjoy it (or hate it, ‘cause fortunately nobody has the same tastes as media want to persuade us… bla bla bla ). 


1.  You UFO - OS OVNI (Graphic Edition/Vortex To Void , split 12” w/ Twins, Clan Destine Records, Sept 2012)

2. Police Ball - Red Psalm (Unsigned, Aug. 2012)

3. Wet Blanket - Metz (Metz LP, Sub Pop, out Oct. 9th) 

4. Static - Black Marble (A Differant Arrangement LP, Sub Pop’s Hardly Art imprint, out Oct. 9th)

5. Insides - The Soft Moon (Zeros LP, Captured Tracks, out Oct. 30th (North America) and Nov. 5th (Worldwilde))

6. Talking To You - Lonely Walk (Lonely Walk, Upcoming EP on Satanic Royalty, Autumn 2012)

7. Permafrost - Dracula Lewis (Permafrost 12” / Digital EP, Souterrain Transmissions, Nov. 12 2012 // support tour The Soft Moon)

8. Mascara - Shaita (Demo, Unsigned, Sept. 2012)

9. Visionquest - Nightmare Fortress (Until the Air Runs Out EP, Sweating Tapes, May 15th)

10. Hidden Route - Horrible Present (Union Plaza EP, Unsigned, Aug. 2012)

11. Hush Hush - Twins (Graphic Edition/Vortex To Void , split 12” w/ OS OVNI, Clan Destine Records, Sept 2012 - TWINS is the Matt Weiner’s solo project)

12. Siddhartha - Walter TV (APPETITE tape, Amdiscs, Ap. 2012)

13. She who could BIND you - Ela Orleans (80 Minutes of Funk , split tape w/Curt Crackrach, Clan Destine Records, sept 2012)

14. Last/Lost Forever - Wicked Crafts (Unsigned , Demo , 2012)

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